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Who Is INsourcIT

INsourcIT is a newly founded security company that offers total management of any area in security and surveillance.

INsourcIT provides high quality Services, Security systems and Consultation in all security related areas. We work with clients of all sizes and have prices to match the individual requirements. We adapt our work to meet and exceed clients requirements.

Our team of highly skilled project managers are all very experienced, giving you optimal process cycle. Our developers and system designers, equally skilled and professional, are working only with the latest and most modern technologies, ensure optimal results for the clients. Our work is based on the client’s demands – we always work from a customer perspective, ensuring that we completely understand the requests from the client. We have a professional approach to every step in the process, from the very first idea and throughout the phases until the actual implementation.

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Why Choose Us


Mordern Security

All of our products build upon the most modern technologies.


Quality Work

Our systems are stabil and will meet the needs of any client.


Local Presence

We can physically assist within hours, at any location in Nairobi.


In-house development

Only in-house development, we know every inch of our systems.

The Founders

Henrik Rohmann

Has a background as an IT-developer, Development- and Project Manager. Before joining INsourcIT, Henrik was employed as Head of Development and Production departments in an IT company (ScriptServer A/B & ScriptServerSolutions A/S) with offices in four countries, mainly dealing with ERP integration and platform development. Henrik’s main strengths are in IT, Project management, Process optimization and Coordinating. Henrik is co-Founder and Director of INsourcIT.

Alexander Mantzoukas

Has more than 10 years professional experience with software architecture and demanding technical projects. Now works in both software and hardware and creates solutions that spans across devices, contexts and protocols. Alexanders main strengths are design and implementation of robust and secure software, as well as mentoring teams and personalities to new technologies. Alexander is co-Founder and CTO of INsourcIT Ltd and INsourcIT Aps.