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Services Overview

Security systems
Specifically tailored systems to every requirement. All of our products are monitored from our support department.

Perimeter security
Large compounds needs solid perimeter security - monitored systems and skilled personnel ensures your perimeter.

Guard services
Facilitating guard services in all aspects. Personal escort, entry point, private or coperate, we have the guard.

Providing thorough and professional consultation in all levels and areas of security aspects.

Based on analysis of the specific requirement, we install and maintain complete surveillance systems.

System Development
If you need it, we can develop it - security apps, integration modules, add-on's - put us to the test!

Tailored Security Solutions


NoHijackBox system

This system provides you with direct communication with your gate, arriving home in a secure environment. NoHijackBox is a Danish system and exclusively sold by INsourcIT Ltd.
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Complete surveillance

A solution where InsourcIT will asses your entire compound, then securing it with CCTV system, perimeter monitoring & defence, guard patrols and personal identification.
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Guards & protection

Our guards are well trained and ready to assist you in any matter, where you will need security. Our services range from gate protection to personal bodyguards.
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Tailored Solutions

We consult clients and tailor to each individual requirement - this include development of new products nad features. Are you looking for your very own security system, then we will create it for you.
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