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NoHijackBox system

INsourcIT is proud to unveil a brand new security system, which allows direct interaction with guards/gates.

CCTV & Surveillance

We offer complete CCTV & Surveillance solutions, including monitoring, database, night vision, illumination etc.

Guards & services

At INsourcIT we offer highly trained guards for any purpose - personal escort, gate security, bulding and compound entry services etc.

Perimeter security

Should you have problems with your existing security setup, we are available for consultation and have solutions to ensure complete perimeter control.

Welcome to INsourcIT

At INsourcIT we offer you professional solutions, consultation and assistance in every aspect of security related areas. There is a system, service or product for every need – we tailor individually to meet your security requirements.

INsourcIT’s staff has the experience and skills required to assist you in optimizing security solutions. Our team covers all areas within surveillance, access control, guard services and security systems. Our company backbone is IT integrated solutions – all areas of the company infrastructure is built upon solid and stable IT systems. This allows us to incorporate all of our clients’ solutions into our 24 hours monitoring systems, securing your safety at all times.

INsourcIT has a professional approach to all assignments and we don't compromise when it comes to the safety of you - our jobs is done, when the complete security is in place. We always meet or exceed the project specification – Your safety is our pride!

Our Company


  • GAMA security services
    Negotiations for co-operation with GAMA security services.
  • NoHijackBox system
    New development project, inhouse development.
  • Rebranding
    INsourcIT has undertaken rebranding, a consequence of new business areas.
  • INsourcIT in Nairobi
    Proudly annoucing the arrival of INsourcIT.